Tuesday, November 17, 2009

That new recomendation

Did you see that new breast cancer recommendation for mammograms only after 50 and then only every two years? Unless you are in a high risk category for some reason. I am not sure how to react. Less testing means less stress and less cost. But do some get missed? Possibly. I have to think about this one some more. But I need coffee first so I can think. I am up this early because I am going to score all sorts of good wife points by driving my husband to the airport before my PT appointment at 730. This means leave here by 6! Eek!


Susan said...

I think it's a really bad idea!

Unknown said...

Hi -

I'm a journalist at the public radio show Marketplace. We want to hear from people who either have had mammograms, or who have been thinking about having one, as well as people whose businesses or workplaces my be affected in some way by the new guidelines. We have a form running down some questions online, where you can share your insights. Please chime in if you'd like to inform our coverage on the new guidelines. Here's the link: bit.ly/3kEqBo

Thanks for reading,
Joellen Easton

Anonymous said...

Dear Joellen,
Just chiming in. Last March, I found mine at 45 with self detection! I would have waited a month for my yearly mamo had I not had pain and checked it out. Could have been too late. Family history on my Mother's side and we caught it early. OBGYN felt the huge lump and thought it was nothing. It was large enough to put me into stage 3 warranting chemo and radiation. So, thank goodness I got smart and for the first time decided to pay attention to my breasts and do an exam!
Happy to be alive and think nre recommendation would have killed me. Karen

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