Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Am I redundant?

Do I repeat myself? I think I do. I hope I don't but probably think I don't have enough different things to write about. I mean today I was going to write about an article in the New York Times about patients who want and receive unnecessary medical tests and are driving up costs. Then I realized I think I wrote about it a few months ago.

I can't write about my health because I did that yesterday. I can't whine about doctor appointments because I don't have any for two more days. I can whine about the weather. Because we have a flood watch (with National Guard mobilized) and I have to go drive in it. I can whine about idiot drivers (who drive on the interstate with their turn indicator on for miles and then decide to switch lanes without looking). I can whine about back pain, but then I always whine about it because basically it always hurts.

So for a change, I'll tell you about the cat. He is much better. The fur that was shaved off for his ultrasound has basically grown back. But he has turned into the pickiest eater on the planet. If he liked something yesterday, he will not like it today. He no longer likes treats, of course because I stocked up on all kinds. He no longer will eat his dry food, of course we have two open bags. But he will eat freshly cooked (only) chicken and canned tuna (for people, not cats). He won't eat food that is put on his tray where it belongs but eats only when his dish is in the middle of the kitchen floor. So I cheat and mix tuna with his cat food and he usually eats it. But since he ate it yesterday I assume he won't eat it today. Its a daily challenge but preferable to dealing with my medical issues.

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Dee said...

Hi Caroline,
Who cares if you're redundant? It's your blog after all, you can be redundant if you want. Give yourself that freedom - and as someone new to your blog, I hadn't read some of your earlier posts, so it's new to me, even if it isn't new to you. : )

BTW, thank you for your answer about the google ads, or did I thank you already? In which case, I'm redundant, too!

But in case you're looking for other topics, I sometimes do "gratitude lists", or talk about cool things that happened to me at work, or funny things or things that make me proud of my son or even just post pictures of things blooming around me. Laurie, at Not Just About Cancer, often participates in "memes" which are internet themes or something like that. She participated in one recently that looked kinda fun - like list the things that make you feel afraid, or loved or whatever. I also post on my collection of boob jokes. That's fun, too.

In the end, it's your blog. Have fun!

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