Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blog comments

I love having a blog. I am amazed people actually read it. Then even more amazing, people comment on it. This to me is astounding. When I first ventured out in to the online world, I wouldn't leave comments - I mean what if someone read what I wrote? How embarassing!

Then I started a blog. At first, it was set to comment moderation where I had to approve all comments before they are posted. I was chicken - thinking people would write MEAN things about me and my blog! No one did. Everyone was nice. So I gave up the moderating thing - fewer emails for me to deal with. But I did stick in a Capcha (that little block where you have to type in the letters to prove you are human and not a computer) to prevent some spam.

Most of the comments are from friends and other bloggers. I love reading them and commenting on comments and reading their blogs and making new virtual friends. (No these are not imaginary friends like when you were a child.) Virtual friends are the ones I have gotten to know online and follow their ups and downs but probably never get to meet them in person. But that's okay. We can be friends without meeting in person.

However, I still get some weird comments. Yesterday someone left me a comment about another comment who was basically selling their stuff and have no cure about the 'cure' they are recommending. I used to go in and delete them but now keep them for their entertainment value. The latest one I have now gotten twice is there is an iPhone app that works with GPS to tell you where the nearest mammogram center is. Hmmm.... Well, if I had an iPhone, you can be sure I would want to know where the nearest mammogram center is so in case of an emergency where I needed another mammogram, I could run in and get one. Is there such a thing as an emergency mammogram? (Honey, its 3 am but I need an emergency mammogram? Sorry to wake you up but I don't feel right driving there by myself.) I mean don't you want to get one with your regular doctor as normally scheduled? Clearly in the case of what were they thinking...

I think a while back (and clearly chemo brain is acting up) I found one comment offensive and deleted it. Basically my thoughts are that if you are selling something, don't sell it in a comment on someone else's blog, get your own damn blog. By spamming other's blogs with 'cures', you looking like a quack.

Anyway, please keep commenting. I promise to keep writing.


Debby said...

Oh, golly, have you been contacted by the lawyer who's looking for mesothelioma cases?

Caroline said...

No but the nice man in Africa keeps asking me to send him money so I can share his inheritance.

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