Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The leg bone is connected to the hip bone

I can't remember the rest of this but you know how it goes the back bone is connected to the hip bone, blah, blah, blah. Last week the lymphedema nurse told me I should consider getting ankle surgery to prevent falling. I started thinking about this. My ankle isn't really getting better. I might wait another month before calling instead of waiting until my appointment in May. No I don't want more surgery but it hurts generally all the time. I just ignore it and go about my life but pain sucks. And is draining. And is stressful.

However, I have to talk to the doctor again. If I have the surgery, I think it was six weeks in a cast and six weeks in a boot. If I am in a cast, I don't know if my back and lymphedema arm can deal with crutches so I need to find out if a walking cast is an option. Gee, that will be fun and be sure to make my back hurt.

In addition, I talked to my back doctor's office yesterday and will have another injection into my right SI joint next week. I was debating this and do think its needed. When I go for a walk, it hurts and generally aches for hours after. Then I get referred pain across my back as a result. But the pain I get now is a lot better than before where it felt like an ice pick in my SI joint when it was acting up.

Otherwise, I hope to get a lymphedema compression sleeve this week. A lovely fashion accessory in medical beige that will coordinate with my wardrobe.

Yesterday I took the cat to the vet and we will get his results today. Either he has this very obscure syndrome or he is a medical mystery. I just wish he wouldn't be such a picky eater and eat the food we give him so he stops losing weight. He lost another 1/2 lb in the past week.

I also got the joy of taking the car to the garage to see if I can get it to pass emissions inspection. Does it count as a 90K maintenance if you do it at 135K? I was thinking about it. According to the dealers records, I hadn't spent anything other than oil changes on the car for the past two years. The year before that I was busy in treatment so I know I didn't do anything to take care of my car either. So this week I get to pay for the equivalent of three years of maintenance in one week. Is this life returning to normal? I hope not.

Today I am going to work, for a walk, and then to my therapist to discuss my stress levels. Maybe I should skip going to her and ask her to read my blog and send me comments? Nah, I need the face to fact interaction.

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