Monday, March 29, 2010

Time for an update on me

I guess I should update on how I am doing these days. I mean this blog was meant to be about me and my health so I might as well stick to the basics, sometimes.

My back is a pain. I mean it causes pain if I do things like stand, walk, etc. The worst pains happen when I walk or stand for more than ten minutes or so. The last injection has alleviated a lot of the sharpest pains in my right sacroiliac joint but now I can focus on other back pain issues. I go back to the back pain doctor's physician assistant on Thursday where I will see if we can get a plan going for getting rid of more pain.

My ankle is also a pain, but one that comes and goes. Sometimes it is bad and hurts a lot and sometimes it is not so bad. The question I am still dilemmaing about is surgery or no. Because of my arm, I can't use a crutch on my left side. I go back to that doctor the first week of May.

My arm is doing okay. It still doesn't feel right. I am trying to get back in and see the lymphedema lady. I do my exercises but I don't know, it doesn't really seem much better.

Now all that cancer crap will be dealt with on a day in May where I have, are you ready, SIX appointments. I have a mammogram, bone density test, blood tests, and see my oncologist, surgeon, and dietitian. I can't wait. I think my way of getting through the day will be to take half an ativan before leaving for the hospital, as well as a really big book. My appointments keep me there until 3 pm. What a wonderful day. I can't wait.

So how do I feel these days? Stupid headaches with some frequency but I did get my eyes checked on Friday thinking maybe its my glasses. (The eye doctor walked in the room and asked 'so how is your health generally?' and I said 'you haven't seen my medical history have you?' and he said 'I guess that answers my question.' I love breaking in new doctors.) I have other assorted aches and pains but I think everyone does over the age of 25.

Otherwise, I am fine.

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