Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fact: Stress Erases Brain Cells

Last night I met my former support group friends for dinner. Its amazing that two years later, we are still meeting for dinner or coffee almost monthly. We all met in a weekly support group program for newly diagnosed when we were all in chemo or about to start. Now we get together to keep each other up to date and talk about all our medical crap.

As I was driving there, I was thinking about the fact that I had five medical things to tell them about. I got there, we got seated and I started talking (and was informed I looked a little stressed). I told them about my ankle and probably surgery. I told them about my lymphedema. I told them about my ultrasound. Then I was asked what are the other two things... I told them about my SI joint injection this morning. And I can't remember what the fifth thing is that I told them about. Stress has erased brain cells. I came home and told my husband and he asked what the five things were and I couldn't remember. He laughed at me. I blame stress.

As I mentioned this morning I am having a steroid and synthetic cartilage injected into my right SI joint. I can't wait. The injection does hurt. The feeling of the steroid going in can be relatively painful. Last time after the injection, I had significant pain in the back of my right leg and ended up in a wheelchair on percocet. I am hoping for not a repeat of that situation and am relatively stressed. However I have a pill for that and will take half of one before I go. The good news is I should be home by 10 am at the latest. I will look for my brain when I return home.

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