Friday, March 26, 2010

My lack of brain

From time to time, I admit I have been a bit snide about other people's mental capabilities - idiot drivers, co-workers, store clerks, etc. But I do not claim perfection in this at all. This has been clearly demonstrated recently.

- Six months ago I made an appointment for my annual physical in late April with my primary care physician who is notorious for booking appointments months in the future. Last year I ended up seeing her physician's assistant due to a scheduling problem on her end but this year I wanted to see the doctor herself - nothing against the physician's assistant but I figure sometimes I should actually see the doctor. I also have known about the date of the Stowe Weekend of Hope for a year. For some moronic reason I made the appointment for the day before the conference and then booked us into a hotel in Montreal for the week. It was only yesterday that I realized I can't be in two places at once. When I called to reschedule my doctor's appointment, I found that she is now booking appointments for September, or I could see the physician's assistant in May. I'm seeing the physician's assistant in May. I'll try again next year.

- In January I met a friend for lunch and we got one of those surveys - go enter it online and get a $5 coupon off your next visit. I took the survey home and got us the coupon and we met again for lunch on Tuesday and used the coupon and got a new survey where I said I would repeat the process. Well I know I brought the damn receipt home but can't find it anywhere. Grrr.

I think I could expand this list with more examples of my being brainless but I don't see the need to amuse you any more.

Today I will make every effort to hold my brain together. I am going for a walk this morning - once the rain lets up - and then to the eye doctor. I have been having some headaches regularly recently and figure this is a good place to start. If not maybe allergies? I don't know. I do know I need to scrape together the remaining brain cells and remember to bring my list of medications and prior eye prescription with me. Then I am getting my nails done and we are going out to dinner.

This dining out thing is hard on my diet but its been Restaurant week for the past two weeks and we always use it as a time to try new restaurants we can't afford or just haven't tried. Then the dieting will begin in earnest but the scale is already saying happy things to me.

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Debby said...

I was really worried about going back to school. I didn't know if my fuzzy brain could handle it. Caroline, I have to say that it can. I feel myself getting sharper and clearer every day.

Congrats on the happy talk with your scales. I'm doing well in that area too.

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