Saturday, March 20, 2010


I am juggling here with this weight loss thing. It is harder than I thought to figure out how to eat enough food but not go over both calories and fat grams but still feel like I'm eating enough and not starving all the time. The key is how to keep calories and fat grams in the right range.

In my short adventure into weight loss, I have discovered snacks are what is ruining my diet. Cheese to be precise. A nice healthy lifestyle and then I sneak in cheese and crackers for a snack - which is more than 1/2 my daily fat requirement in a brief period of time. No more snacks except fruit and vegetables.

Yesterday was Friday so there were donuts at work. I had 1/4 of a chocolate donut (as nasty but yummy mixture of carbohydrates, grease, and sugar) and felt like I had some and wasn't deprived but didn't blow my diet either. Its also restaurant week so we went out to the Capital Grille (very fancy steak place) for a discounted rate. I was careful about what I ate and didn't totally ruin my diet either. I think I can juggle this if I watch my snacks. Snacks are bad.

Today's plan is to go walk on the beach. In the past this was followed up with my secret indulgence - fried clams. I just did a little research and found out that if I have them, that will be my entire daily fat quota. I just had clams a few weeks ago on my mother's birthday. I'll save my next fix for another special event. Sigh. They are evil and fried but I love them. Ooh! But I could have steamed clams without butter! YUMMY! I can still get my clam fix. Yippee!

Okay, I'm back. I went and thought for a few minutes. I need to clarify. I do not eat fried food regularly. I had clams a few weeks ago and hadn't had them in six months. My work brings in donuts on Fridays but sometimes there are bagels instead. I haven't been working Fridays and have been avoiding them. Besides - it gives me another reason to have a three day weekend every week (except this week as I go back to work on Monday as well).

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I learned from the South Beach diet that Laughing Cow light -- those triangle wedges of gruyere--- is a delicious snack with very low calories and fat. Check it out. --rt

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