Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How's my stress level?

Well, honestly, its not very good. I had a discussion on this with my therapist yesterday. She suggests that I talk about my stress as it helps relieve it.

I am stressed a little still about my husband and the cat. However they both seem to be improving - the cat is developing a little gut from all the canned food he has eaten in the past few days. Trader Joe's tuna for cats, two cans a day. Oink.

I'm stressed about:

- lymphedema. It needs to be gotten under control and determined whether it can be controlled and what treatment I will need. Regardless, it never really goes away and I will have to be more careful for life.

- ankle. My ankle is not getting better. I am still working on it and will for a few more weeks but it seems clearer and clearer that surgery (or a life with a painful ankle) are my only options. But if I have surgery and am on crutches how does that impact my lymphedema arm? Just start there. Never mind probably six weeks in a cast and six weeks in a boot - which equals three months of impaired movement.

- back. Its always painful. The pain moves around. Pain is not fun. It causes all sorts of things like lack of sleep, crabbiness, depression, stress, etc. I am going for another injection next week but then the doctor isn't sure he has much more for me.

- ultrasound. I had a neck ultrasound a few weeks ago and the results were not that good. There is an area that is suspect and needs another follow up ultrasound in June. This was supposed to be a baseline test and would be clear. Well it wasn't. Now I am in that lovely wait and see mode. I am going to talk to my doctors in the meantime about this to see if the follow up should be moved up or not.

So my stress level? Rather high.


WhiteStone said...

So sorry that you are dealing with so many health can be a real pain, can't it!! (Sorry about the pun! it just happened. LOL)

Seriously, you have my sympathy for the after-effects of cancer/chemo. I'll keep you in my prayers that you can get relief from at least some of these issues Bless you.

Alya said...

I have come across this blog and feel the same

I can feel the she has written my story.

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