Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Words, take two

I posted yesterday about how I don't like certain words to describe cancer and dealing with a diagnosis. A comment in reply did point out that some people actually feel empowered by them. This is a reminder that every one is different and every cancer is different. Just because I don't like something doesn't mean everyone else doesn't. And what works for me doesn't work for others. Well, doh!

Otherwise, I am doing okay. I am still dilemmaing about my ankle - surgery or no. Sometimes its fine and sometimes it hurts. Like right now while lying in bed. I am undecided. I heard back from the lymphedema lady and will be going back in to see her. Puffiness in my hand isn't a good thing and its been happening fairly regularly. My back is having good days and bad days.

Today I am making a positive step. I need to lose weight. I have to lose weight. What I think is the right thing is not working. Today I am going to see a dietitian to see about getting me back on track. I am optimistic here.

I am also off to work this morning. I got there yesterday and they had minor flooding, a damp modem, and no internet or email. I can only be so productive but when updating websites, I kind of need that internet thing. I will call in a little bit about going today.

Finally I had a phone interview last night for a job I interviewed about a few weeks ago. I actually was called to set up an interview but ended up spending 30 minutes on the phone and will go meet them Friday.

So right now I am procrastinating in bed because I had another bad night's sleep. Which leads to crankiness - especially when one's husband holds the remote control out of reach and starts putting the tv on annoying infomercials in an effort to get me out of bed. Grrr! I won't get mad, I'll get even - one of the joys of marriage. Perhaps we will watch a few cooking shows or he can hold my purse while clothes shopping or something. But I am awake now and that's the whole point.

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