Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm dilemmaing

If its not a word, that's okay. But I have a dilemma. What to do about my ankle. At the last doctor appointment, I was told that it is at a chronic state basically but there is a chance it will heal on its own as the weather gets warmer. My next appointment is early May and if my ankle is better, I should just cancel it. By definition of better means 'to a state where I can live with it'.

Then I met with the lymphedema nurse who recommended just having the surgery to prevent falls and further injury to my arm.

My ankle has two injuries - a cartilage chip and a partially torn ligament. One is on the outside and one on the inside. I know this because they take turns hurting, when they don't both hurt at the same time.

The surgery itself isn't bad but it means six weeks in a cast and six weeks in a boot, followed by rehab. That adds up to three months of impeded walking. There is a chance I only need the cartilage clean up and that would mean two weeks in a boot. Its my left foot so I can drive so that's not an issue. I'm not really concerned with three months of impaired mobility. I am more concerned about my arm, long term issues, and generally just getting better.

My dilemma is three fold:
1. I can just live with my ankle and skip the surgery - I can always have the surgery eventually. I would need to continue my ankle exercises until some time when I just give up on them (or it magically stops hurting).
2. I can wait until I see the doctor in May on the faint hopes that it will heal itself but will probably end up having the surgery.
3. I can go ahead and call my doctor now and schedule the surgery sooner.

I think option one is not really an option unfortunately but the idea of surgery is not a happy thought. It would be number nine if you are keeping count.

I don't know. I am very tired today - couldn't fall asleep, woke up a couple times and am up too early because my husband has an early start today. Maybe I should just let my dilemma slide until another day when I am awake.

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