Thursday, January 3, 2013

On Being Happy

We should all try to be happy and enjoy life. Who wants to hang out with a bunch of curmudgeons anyway? We do not even need the internet to tell us when life gives us lemons we should make lemonade (and add vodka as needed). But I do think we should forget about things like the doomsday clock, cliffs, death, and cancer among other things.

So I looked on the internet for sources of information on this (because everything on the internet is true) and found that there are 15 things to give up in order to be happy:
  1. Give up your need to be always right.
  2. Give up your need to be in control.
  3. Give up on blame
  4. Give up on self-defeating self-talk.
  5. Give up your limiting beliefs
  6. Give up complaining
  7. Give up the luxury of criticism
  8. Give up your need to impress others
  9. Give up your resistance to change
  10. Give up on labels
  11. Give up on your fears
  12. Give up your excuses
  13. Give up the past
  14. Give up attachment
  15. Give up living your life to other people's expectations.
I could write an essay on each of these. You can read more on these here but I think it comes down to defining yourself, being yourself, put your self as number one, don't worry about what others are doing or might think, and relax and be happy.

Life throws us curve balls and if we can be happy before a curve ball nits, we can cope with it better if we are happy than if we aren't when it hits. We need to focus on what makes us happy as well.

Happiness is underrated. And incredibly important.

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