Monday, January 28, 2013

This is a blog about cancer after all

I realize this is a blog about cancer and living with a cancer diagnosis. but sometimes I don't blog about cancer. Well, I do have lots of other ailments to blog about. And I try to ignore cancer so I'm not living in cancerland where its all cancer all the time.

But it does loom in the background of my life often. Well, almost constantly. Its hard to make it go away. I am ignoring it. I have one of 'those' appointments coming up that I am really trying to ignore. Its one of the appointments where there are negotiations, watchful waiting and discussions on what to do next.

I have no new cancer research to write about now. I can poke around and find some - maybe later this week. I have no pinkification to whine about except this is the time of year for recruiting for all the pink walks. I skip all those commercials. 'I can walk sixty miles for someone who has cancer' and all that cutesy crap. You won't ever catch me in one of those walks. More power to anyone who chooses to do them.

One extra benefit aggravation of developing ailments which cause pains around your body is you can take your mind down that evil road to cancer hell very easily. With cancer, you need to be aware of your body and look out for aches and pains that don't go away and linger. Well with my new ailments, RA and fibro, you have ailments which cause aches and pains that don't go away and linger. I tell myself they can't be cancer because I can blame them  on RA and fibro.

I try to ignore them and live my life on the edge of cancerland as much as possible.

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