Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Yesterday was a bad day

I did not accomplish much. I did not sleep well two nights in a row. My brain was in a fog all day. I tried to get some work done but did not feel I had enough functioning brain cells to get much done. I was also supposed to give a presentation 20 minutes away but it snowed so I cancelled.

I also had a fair amount of pain so I might have been cranky. There was a contractor here for a good part of the day removing some wood where we have some rot and found an carpenter ants nest. I hate those things. We have had a chronic problem with ants since we moved in. We had a pest inspection before we moved in and they found one dead ant and signs of mice.  We have a mouse terminator (a/k/a a cat) and thought we were fine. Then the ants started to show up. We could never find the source so we think we just did. The exterminator is due here in half an hour. Then the contractor will return as will the banging noises of construction. The cat and I will hide upstairs.

Last night I did get some sleep. While I don't feel 100% I do feel human for the most part - there might be some cranky pain filled b*tch buried inside. But I will accomplish work today and I will even get my lazy butt to the gym this afternoon. And maybe even cook dinner. Last night we had someone bring us pizza (in a snowstorm which is mean we know, but we did give him a good tip). I have slice mushrooms, chicken, and some brown rice so I will compile something.

Yesterday was such a bad day, when I called into work to say that I was planning on staying home today, they told me at work I sounded like crap. My husband made fun of the way I talked. Today can only be better.

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