Monday, January 14, 2013

Time to take a break from Dr. Google

Dr. Google can kill us all off in our heads in a matter of seconds or minutes (depending on the speed of your internet provider). I have new ailments that I have been asking Dr. Google about. I also have continued to ask Dr Google about my other ailments. I have totally grossed out myself and made myself decide I will end up in chronic pain in a wheelchair in a matter of weeks.

I am not showing your actual links because that would mean finding the disgusting things again and going through it all so you will have to suffer with my descriptions.
  • I found a picture of a woman with uncontrolled lymphedema in her arm. On one side she looked light a normal slight build, slender woman. On the other, her arm looked like it belonged to someone weighing about 400 lbs. 
  • Then I found some pictures of what rheumatoid can do to one's feet since my feet really hurt recently. They showed all these x-rays of feet wit plates in them, turned up toes, collapsed arches, etc. 
  • Then I found pictures of flesh eaten through to bone by rheumatoid.
  • Then I found articles on the latest conflicting research on breast cancer screening and its value for older women.
  • Then I found a comment page on people coping with fibromyalgia
  • Then I found a list of sayings by people on 'you know when you have rheumatoid...' and realized I could agree with all of them.
  • And more.
The more ailments you have the faster and easier you can kill yourself off.I need to step away from Dr. Google (and I need a trip to a Caribbean beach). But getting away from Dr. Google is easier and cheaper.

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