Sunday, March 31, 2013

A needle free future

I am elated, no, overjoyed, on cloud nine, jumping up and down with joy (as much as I can jump up and down these days) at this news. Companies are now trying to figure out ways to deliver drugs WITHOUT needles.

I hate needles. I see no need for news programs and commercials to show people getting shots. If I have to have a needle near my body, I tell the doctors and nurses that I hate needles and can't look at them. When I had injections under my kneecap (I get chills up and down my spine just writing that), they were very good at distracting me.

I have a coworker who is so petrified of needles he gets freaked out by doctor appointments. I am not that bad but still me and needles do not get a long. Every time I need blood work (every two months now) I tell them I hate needles,  have tiny veins, and they have to use my right arm which has the tiniest veins so they use little kid needles on me. Which still pinch!

When I started chemotherapy I told my oncologist that there would never be a day where I would inject myself with anything. Then with rheumatoid, my doctor muttered something about injectable options and I let her know my opinion of needles. I am still on oral medications but my RA is not under control so that may need to change. (My husband has since agreed he would give me the injections if it came down to it.)

When our cat had diabetes, I refused to learn how to give the injections. Then one day my husband was sick and slept through the injection time so I had to give the cat the injections. He never even  felt them but it was traumatic for me.

Now these brilliant, brilliant people are coming up with ways to deliver drugs orally instead of through injection. It involves capsules, micropatches and all sorts of technical things that sound expensive but they do not include needles so I am happy. Its just two or three years away from clinical trials.... So I will try to be the patient patient for now.

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