Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Its about time

Finally, they have done enough research (because the researchers always need to be sure and there are plenty of them out there) to say that there is no connection between breast cancer and thyroid cancer.

For years there have been questions on this. Basically women are more likely to get both. Breast cancer is the most common woman's cancer (I think) and thyroid cancer is most common in young women and growing in incidence. Both are hormone (endocrine) related cancers so I guess it seemed they were connected.

Standard procedure has been for women with both to be tested for Cowden's syndrome which is a genetic condition that has both cancers are indicators. I was tested and I do not have it.

So basically this tells us that all medical research can be proven wrong over time. Can you name one thing that 'they' have not told us was good for us and now is bad or was bad for us and now is good? Which is why everything always needs more research.

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