Friday, March 8, 2013

I never understood this

Clearly its pinkification but I do not understand the commercials for the breast cancer walks. The one where the woman is saying "Three days of walking to give a breast cancer patient a lifetime". What? I mean there is a significant disconnect here. This commercial just ran and it irritates me to no end every time I hear that woman saying the same thing.

Someone walking for days does nothing for me. How does the walk or anyone's walking give a breast cancer patient a lifetime? Its not the walk that Komen or Avon or who ever is holding it cares about, its the money they raise.

They require the walkers to raise anywhere between $1000 - $3000 or more each and require them to provide a credit card number that they can charge the amount not raised. They pressure these walkers, or runners,  or riders or whatever to raise the money. How does that pressure help any cancer patient?

No help to me. My sister and a friend did the breast cancer walk a few years ago. I have friends that do the walks annually and enjoy the participation and the giving back to the community. More power to them. It can be a worthy effort but you can't tell me that walking/running/riding gives a cancer patient anything.

The effort results in funds raised for awareness (as if we need more pink) and research (we hope).

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