Saturday, March 23, 2013

Recovering after a very long week

In the past months, six or so, my energy levels are significantly down. I need to make sure I have enough down time and time to stay home and do nothing. I can tire myself out quite easily and then pay the price for days.

I had a three day work week this week but am exhausted. I tried to sleep late this morning but the cat sat on me because he wants food and the sun was streaming in from the room across the hall. Note to self evict the cat and close the other shades. I will try again tomorrow.

Emotionally and physically it was a tough week. I came back home after a 380 mile to visit my brother on Monday. Tuesday was another 2" (which turned into 10") snow storm that kept my husband and I home for the day. We reassembled the (damn) dryer after my husband's minor repair. I got a fair amount of work done as well. I even snuck out to the gym in a lull in the storm.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I went to work for six hours each. Wednesday I hit the grocery store on the way home, Thursday I met a friend for a walk, and Friday I went to the gym. Thursday night I was so tired and in so much pain in my feet and hips, I got in bed at 430, PJs by 6 and my husband cooked dinner which I ate in bed. I was exhausted on Friday morning.

Today I have a lunch to go to and am organizing a volunteer event that I won't attend. I am not attending because of pain and fatigue. Well guilt might get me to stop by for a few minutes.

That's just the physical side.

I also found out this week a breast cancer friend is facing a recurrence. We do not know details yet but the words chemo, radiation, and hospitalization have been bandied about. I will try to call her today. One friend talked to her and said she was really out of it but is still perky.

Another online friend passed away after a long fight with cancer. I have never met her but she was one of those people who was incredibly supportive to others in their copings with cancer. Dying way to young, younger than me.

Finally an old friend's husband with stage IV colon cancer has progression in his disease despite treatment.

I hope next week is better. My goal is to get a lot of sleep tonight and rest tomorrow. I also am home on Monday where I can take it easy then as well. The cat will have to learn to let me sleep in.

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