Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day by day

These days I live things day by day. What I mean by this is I plan to have a normal schedule and be the normal me (as much as I can be considered to be normal) and then I start making alterations to my schedule based on how I feel. Some days I keep my schedule and some days, I make short cuts, go  home early and take naps.

Yesterday I was supposed to go out to dinner with family but I opted to stay home.  I was sore, tired, achy, and felt my pink fuzzy pajamas were calling my name. We stayed home and had tuna sandwiches for dinner and I went to bed early.

This week I am taking it easier than most. The accident did leave me some (additional) aches and pains which have slowed me down some more. I will see my primary care next week. I called her office to ask about my CT report and as soon as I said that I had been in an accident that brought me to the ER, they said of course she needed to see me. How about Tuesday at 1030?

I am learning, slowly of course - as I am not always quick on the uptake - that I have to make changes in my life. A few months ago, I would have pushed myself and then spent three days recovering. I used to over schedule myself frequently and now I do it less.

Now I know, nap first, motivate later.

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