Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Semi retirement

I have decided my life has entered a phase of semi-retirement. Now this may change in the future if my RA will get under control and my fibro decides to go away or some other miracle occurs. This means I have cut back on many things that I do.

I no longer mind playing the wimp. I need to take my husband's computer to the repair shop because he got an evil virus which tells him the FBI wants him and they really don't (or at least not that we know). My husband will put the computer in the car this morning. I will drive over and double park out front and go in and tell them I need assistance getting it out of the car - waving my arm with my wrist splint on it. I used to suck it up and try to carrying things I probably shouldn't.

I have become a firm believer in PJs at 5pm. And if my husband can be 'persuaded' to cook dinner while I can be lazy.

I am no longer a supporter of the 35-40 hour work week. I support the 18 hour work week plus a few hours if I am able.

I no longer believe evenings are good for social events and activities. Weekends are just fine. I can't get in my PJs at 5 if I have to go out later.

Why am I semi-retiring? Because I need my nap time. Today I am being lazy. I have a dr apt at 945 and them am getting my nails done at 11. I also have to drop off the computer, go to the book store, and have a webinar from home, but that is plenty for today. I am exhausted this morning and I slept well  last night.

We had dinner guests Saturday night (take out Chinese) and a pot luck brunch on Sunday. Monday I worked for my requisite 6 hours and met a friend for a walk. Yesterday I worked my 6 hours and went to the gym for probably 75% of my work out. Then I ran an hour meeting. I got home and needed to go to bed. I was wiped out.

My goal by the end of today is that I am recovered and revived but it will take a lot of quiet time.

My long term goal is to get my RA under control and my fibro managed so I can resume having a social life. But for that I will have to be the patient patient.

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