Saturday, March 2, 2013

I am offended

After thinking about it, I have decided I am offended. Every morning the paper is delivered (yes we read the printed newspaper) and we fight over the comics. Usually I start with the front page and then once my husband has read the comics, he passes them to me.

We both read them regularly and are convinced there is an 'Arlo and Janice' camera in our house documenting our lives which are drawn into the cartoon. We usually snicker about different ones and tell each other which ones are particularly good.

Today I was disappointed by the Bizzarro cartoon. Of course I can't find it online to link here.

Essentially it is a one eyed woman in a bra store, being told that they only sell two cup bras there. I can see the humor in a cartoon woman with one eye and then one of everything else. But from a breast cancer point of view, I can feel the offense. Many women who had mastectomies and did not opt for reconstruction would be happy with a single cup bra.

I guess I think its insensitive and I choose to be offended.


Anonymous said...

Me too! But I have wanted a unibody bra post surgery or radiation when I coukdn't bear anything on my chest but need support on my breat.

Anonymous said...

I was offended, too! And it would be nice if you could buy a one-cup bra.

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