Sunday, June 6, 2010

bits and pieces

I do not have a profound topic this morning. My mind (and yes I have one) is going off in a thousand directions (and I am still on my first cup of coffee) and has not settled down in a specific direction. I have lots of thoughts:

- There are two more studies out saying they have significant progress in treatment of lung cancer and melanoma. They claim they are significant steps, which may be true, but if you read the fine print, they only help tiny groups of people. We need a broad and significant step or two (or hundred) here...

- We attempted to be social and see some friends yesterday. It made me realize we have been hibernating for the past few years. Or perhaps we are like the Rock M Block Em Robots that take hits and keep on going. But it was nice to see friends and compare notes as we all age.

- My back hates me. I have decided this must be the case. I have been very nice to it and it hates me and causes a lot of pain these days. But no pain in the area where they burned off the nerves... But lower in my back and my right SI joint again... Grr.

- We are on day three of unhealthy eating. Friday I went to the local Greek festival which is known for its amazing food and brought home a yummy meal. Yesterday we went to the party and ate all sorts of yummy (and fattening) things. You are doomed if you sit next to the coffee table of appetizers and snacks. Today we are going back to the Greek festival for lunch.

- My mosquito bites no longer itch but are still visible. I look like Dracula went wild on my neck. Perhaps I should avoid any medical appointments for the next few weeks until they fade away - or I'll get some kind of lecture about taking care of myself better (the kind of lecture I just ignore).

- There is a strawberry that is almost ripe in the garden. Will it ripen completely or will some *)&&(^&%^^% little woodland creature eat it before I can? I have been growing strawberries for five years and never eaten any from my garden.

- The cat really needs to learn about weekends and let us sleep a little later. There is nothing wrong with dry food first thing in the morning.

- Someone needs to check on scheduling policies at the hospital I am treated at. I saw the dietitian last week and she said she would schedule a follow up on a day when I was coming back for other appointments. On September 8, I have 1030 blood lab appointment and an 1130 oncologist follow up. The dietitian was scheduled for 1100 - right between the two, four floors away and 1/4 mile of hallways in the middle. I'll call Monday to fix this.

- BP now claims that they are solving the problem of the leaking oil well. I'm not buying it until I see a live feed over the course of several days showing the capped well not spewing plumes of oil.

- I did read an article recently on the giant oil disaster in Iraq and Kuwait in the first Gulf War where millions of gallons of oil spilled from the wells that were set on fire but that area returned to life within a few years - by 1994 I believe.

- I really need to do some weeding in the garden today but its supposed to rain so perhaps I can put it off for a few more days.

That's all that fits in my brain this morning.

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WhiteStone said...

It's too early in the morning for your brain to be so busy. lol

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