Thursday, June 24, 2010

A bucket list

Just before I went through chemo, the movie 'The Bucket List' came out and became the latest topic of conversation. Everyone was talking about having a bucket list. But if you were in cancer treatment, the idea of a bucket list had a slightly grimmer overtone, and no one I know had a bucket list. I did eventually watch the movie after I finished treatment.

But fast forward to more than two years out from treatment, I went out to dinner with some cancer friends last night who I had met during treatment. One of them said that she and her husband were going to Niagara Falls because it was on her bucket list. At that point, we could all talk about a bucket list and it wasn't a grim thought - like the in-treatment list where you can't get past the idea of needing to get your affairs in order before going off on any trips.

Anyway, we did discuss having a bucket list and what we would want to do. I think now I have started to put one together:

1. Go to Iceland - why? Because I have always wanted to. Its there, and I want to visit.
2. Swim with dolphins in the Bahamas. I had an opportunity once and never did.
3. Go back to Spain and have some of the best paella I have ever had again. I was there for a summer and lived on paella. I would love to repeat the experience.
4. Spend a year living on the ocean - preferably with a sandy beach to walk on daily - watching the tides go up and down.
5. See the Taj Mahal, the Great Pyramids, Great Wall of China, and Chichen Itza - not all the Seven Wonders of the World but the ones that I want to see that I haven't yet.

Well this is a start. I will have to come up with some more. I should probably also tell my husband I would like him to come on these adventures with me.

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linda said...

sounds like you love to travel, experience different cultures...sounds fun and a great way to spend a lifetime.

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