Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tiny bits of optimism

Yesterday I went to the dietitian. I only went because I thought that basically dieting was not going to work for me and I was going as a courtesy to see if she had any grains of enlightenment to share with me. Well, how about a surprise of actually losing 6.3 lbs (thank you digital scale for that extra 0.3lbs) or about 1/4 of what I wanted to lose. This means that I can continue to hope to actually lose some weight although it might take me into next year to lose the weight I want.

I do want to say this is not really a diet but a lifestyle change. No more fattening snacks, paying more attention to fat grams, etc. I plan on continuing this and watching more weight go away. Also, weight loss should help with my back and ankle problems.

I think I have gotten into a rut of always expecting bad news from doctors, never really getting the all clear or worse and then more tests, procedures, and other not-so-fun medical adventures. I seem to be in a streak of actually getting some decent news. I don't have to have ankle surgery. I did have a good mammogram. I did lose some weight. I have fewer doctor appointments scheduled - more like two a month instead of two a week. My lymphedema is behaving itself. My dentist appointment even went well. Finally my (damn) mosquito bites are less itchy.

There are somethings that are still looming and other things that will never go away - unfortunately you can't erase cancer from your medical history - but I am feeling more optimistic. My medical problems aren't running my life right now.

So now I can take my optimistic attitude over to my other computer and do some work before going into work (after I do my damn exercises) and then for a walk - hopefully without getting rained on today. And I have home made gazpacho for lunch. Yum!


WhiteStone said...

Good news on the weight loss! I'm so looking forward to being off the chemo and its accompanying steroids that cause puffy weight gain!

Lauren said...

Congrats on your weight loss as well as your lessening doctors appointments. Enjoy your newly found free time! Wanted to send you to a site where you (or anyone else really!) can share your tips and advice on the breast cancer experience by joining a national movement of breast cancer survivors. Go to to join and find out more.

linda said...

horray for all of that good news!

R. Eductil said...

This is true that to cure any disease we must take care of our diet. And should intake proper diet which is healthy.

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