Sunday, March 20, 2011

Honesty = credibility

This morning I have two issues where a bit of honesty would provide credibility.

1. In California there is a lawsuit against Bristol Myers Squibb regarding fraud and kick backs to doctors. If doctors prescribe their drugs, instead of what is best for the patients, allegedly they would get kick backs such as cash, gifts, and happy hours with the LA Lakers.

2. In Boston, there is a lot of complaining going on because Blue Cross recently paid out a multimillion dollar golden parachute to its former president of five years. Even the doctors are now getting up set. Its hard to feel empathy for a company who says they are trying to keep costs down and then provides such big payoffs to its executives. Is it a non profit? If so, Blue Cross should act like one.

I feel both of these organizations are not being honest and are therefore losing credibility in my eyes. Even the LA Lakers, by allegedly participating in the alleged happy hours, lose credibility. The only ones I feel sympathy for here are the doctors who complain to Blue Cross.

Children are taught to be honest and tell the truth and people will like them and will have friends. Some how some people skipped that lesson and now are losing their supporters along the way.


Dee said...

Your last post on Blue Shield was infuriating. But don't get me started on the pharmaceutical companies.

linda said...

Caroline, I understand your displeasure...but if I pay attention to the dishonest people--and there are many--I feel angry and helpless. If I pay attention to the kind and gentle people in my life, the activities I love, and the birds in the plum tree outside my window, I feel happy.

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