Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to contain rising health care costs?

Here's the solution - stop going to the doctor. Every one asks why the health insurance premiums are going up so much.

Republicans say its because of federal health care requirements but the insurance industry says that only accounts for one percentage point of the 40 (or more) percentage points being requested in some areas.

Instead the insurance industry says that the reasons are:
1. health care is expensive
2. people are getting sick and using health care

Well, let's see - why is health care expensive? Maybe because they are making us better? Maybe because things like medical school is expensive? Maybe because the pharmaceutical industry is focused on a marketing driven business model (but lets not go there this early in the day)? Maybe because things like keeping hospitals clean, or paying for highly trained people to perform life saving actions regularly?

Then there is issue number two - people get sick and are using health care. I'm sorry but that is what health insurance is for - to pay for your care when you get sick. This leads us to two choices - stop getting sick or stop going to the doctor.

Hmmmm.... I'm sorry but I don't agree with either of these groups - the federal health program or the insurance companies. In the long run, the health insurance program will lead to insurance for more people and prevent bankruptcies or unnecessary deaths when people can't afford treatment. And insurance companies can't blame people for actually using their insurance. All those people who are previously unable to get health insurance because they were sick are now getting insurance and using it.

I think the whole system is broken. But then my politics aren't important here and I'm not an insurance company executive.

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