Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am not capable of technology

I just created a long blog post about whether I was capable of technology and the answer is I am not. I accidentally deleted it before it posted and have to start over. It was all about how advances in technology can be good - this is coming from someone who survived the release of Windows 3.0 and first used Lotus 123 Version 2 for Dos (the computer operating system back when the world was flat and in black and white). But apparently I am not good enough to use my own phone for anything but making phone calls.

Now I have moved to a desktop computer and am being assisted by the cat-on-the-lap syndrome so it is a long slow process - but the cat is happy.

Speaking of long, today will be long. My back decided I had too much fun recently and woke me up early to tell me about this. Unfortunately I do not have the luxury of a day of nothing with my feet up so I will suck it up (and pretend I am not cranky) and take my pills. There is no back technology to help me here

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