Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lymphedema land

I am speaking to my left arm here: Time to get skinny! I am not prepared for puffiness. Stop it now please!

Basically I am having a lifetime lymphedema discussion. I was fine until I fell on it a few years back. I went and got a sleeve (which is like a girdle - after you wear it for a few days you won't notice it (NOT) and it gave me a tan line on my wrist) which I wore for a while and stopped because my arm was behaving. Then I started going to the gym and using the machines. I was told to wear my sleeve and gauntlet while working out - I remember it about 50% of the time and my arm seems to be behaving.

But not in the past few days. Back to sleeve wearing - which I hate and as the weather grows warmer it becomes even less fun. %&*$^%&*^q+ Grrr! But I will suck it up for a while until I get a tan line on my wrist.


Plastic Surgeon Atlanta said...

Sad to hear about that.I know it is a very painful journey with all sorts of difficulties...but you have to be brave and you are to fight the battle.

Anonymous said...

Wahhh..I get my '*%@#$' sleeve Friday....I don't want it! (Stamps feet!)

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