Saturday, August 20, 2011

I wouldn't try this

I think the whole concept of stem cells and stem cell transplants is pretty cool and could open the door to many medical advances. However, I would not try with Governor Perry did. He went had back surgery in July and a very controversial stem cell transplant. He had fat cells taken from his body by liposuction and they were put back into his spine and blood stream.

The controversy is that stem cells are done with other cells - not fat cells. It is not known if fat cells will turn into a good kind of cells or cause a blood clot or turn into cancer cells. In addition the cells were grown in a petri dish where their sterility could have been compromised.

There are additional concerns because he is a powerful and influential person. Will his risky behavior influence others to have similar risky behaviors? I mean this goes back to the 'if all your friends jumped off a cliff would you' argument that you had with your parents at one time in your life.

My opinion is that I would prefer to have medical procedures that are proven and safe. He did this because he has a bad back. Um, I have a bad back and I'm not rushing to try anything like this anytime soon. I only have one spine and one blood stream. If either one of those was compromised, that would be a VERY bad thing. He may be a risk taker, but I am not. (I am not getting into the political discussion if he was president would he be a risk taker that could jeopardize the country.)

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