Monday, May 28, 2012

Call me irresponsible

Yes I am irresponsible. First of all I  did not blog for several days and didn't tell anyone. Well, posting on my blog and saying 'I am going away and won't be blogging' is inviting the burglars in. I apologize and now I am back. My cat is overjoyed we came back even though he had a very nice cat sitter who came and fed him, brushed him, and sat with him twice a day. But he feels he was neglected and malnutreated for the duration.

I am also irresponsible because I failed to pack my medications correctly. I packed my husband's pills. I packed my vitamins. I packed one pill box with prescriptions. I did not pack my daily prescriptions in my other pill box. Saturday night I remembered to take Saturday mornings pills. Then I found I was missing my Sunday and Monday AM pills. Well I took my Monday AM pills when we got home this afternoon. And I still seem to be alive, so no harm, no foul.

I am also irresponsible in that we went on a small hike on Sunday and at the very farthest point from the car, I stepped funny and 'felt' my ankle do the similar bad thing it did about three years ago that resulted in a boot and lots of PT. Right now I am in the ice, elevation and avoidance category. I'll give it a few days before I decide if it needs additional attention.

Finally I am very irresponsible in that we came home and started to  unpack and I couldn't find my wallet. I wasn't in my bag. I wasn't mixed up in the dirty laundry. It wasn't anywhere in the car, under the seats, etc. Finally after a good deal of stress, I found it sitting on the  bed next to my purse.

But I recovered from all this now by taking my pills, fed the cat, resting my ankle, destressing, and no longer being covered in wood smoke/insect repellant perfume.

You can call me irresponsible but I may not answer.

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