Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rehab for cancer patients

I want some rehab. Why didn't someone think about it sooner? Its clearly needed. Oncology Rehab Partners based in MA has a program where it works with hospitals to provide a certification program for providing post cancer treatment rehab.

"Oncology Rehab Partners is an innovative healthcare company breaking new ground in the field of cancer care. Oncology Rehab Partners is the industry’s first organization to provide hospitals and cancer centers with the tools needed to develop and deliver quality, reimbursable cancer rehabilitation services to the millions of cancer survivors who suffer from debilitating side-effects caused by treatments.

Oncology Rehab Partners’ STAR Program® Certification (Survivorship Training and Rehab) provides facilities and individual clinicians with tools and systematic, proven programs to deliver excellent oncology rehabilitation care."

A Boston Globe article reported on them the other day: 'BREAST CANCER SURVIVORS might suffer from weakness, scar adhesions, cognitive problems, balance problems - the list goes on. But unlike stroke or heart attack victims, they are typically tossed out to sink or swim after chemotherapy or radiation.'

I am not very fond of the sink or swim approach to post cancer treatment. I wonder if it is too late for me. There are some certified practitioners near by.

Seriously why didn't anyone think of this before? Cancer patients were thrown to the 'wolves' so to speak after treatment. 'Here go on with your life, see me in six months, call if you notice anything unusual.' Thanks. I'm not ready for that yet.'

Cancer diagnosis results in PTSD as well as emotional and physical scars. We need some extra care.

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