Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Crankiness, crabbiness, and general witchiness

I have been in a bad mood for the last few days. I know there have been some medication change which could cause some of this.I have also been under a lot of stress due to paid work and volunteer work. Why is it all volunteer works happens at the same time as important work deadlines? Add in some interactions with a cranky spouse and a few  rude, chronically late people, disastrous restaurant meals, and there you have the foundation for crankiness, crabbiness, and general witchiness. And maybe some upcoming medical misadventures to ponder.

My doctor appointments seem to have slowed down to one every two weeks or so. Next week I have two. This week I had a dentist appointment. Maybe 3 each month. This has reduced some stress levels so maybe my stress has moved on to other areas of my life giving me less patience with rude, chronically late people. Maybe my husband's crankiness is just a reaction to my crankiness.

We are all entitled to our bad moods, as long as you have good moods too. Maybe my good mood will return when my stress level goes down and I get through all my deadlines next Friday.

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Keesha said...

Changes to medications can put you through a loop. The key I found is to keep track of them (if your not doing so already) My friend just recently passed away from breast and lung cancer.
There is a new leukemia treatment used that sounds amazing. The hope is to extend it to other cancers too. You can read more on CancerResearchCure.com

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