Sunday, July 1, 2012

But I don't look sick

When people see me who don't know my health disasters, they probably don't think I have anything wrong with me. Well that just goes back to the fact that appearances can be deceiving. Have you ever hunted through a parking lot for a single space and then seen a seemingly healthy person park in a handicapped spot in the front row and stroll into the store while you drive in circles? They may have a respiratory problem which prevents them from walking long distances or some other ailment that does not have visual symptoms.

Us cancer people may be harboring some nasty things inside but usually don't look too bad - unless we are sporting our chemo 'hair cut' and pallor. At our first diagnosis, while we are waiting for surgery, treatment, and full staging, we may look as healthy as can be even if we contain multiple tumors.

Now I go to a gym where its full of healthy looking, dilapidated people. I was speaking with one of the owners recently and he said everyone there has significant health problems. But most of them, unless they are on oxygen, a walker, wheelchair, missing a limb, or other obvious ailment, look pretty darn healthy because they work out. Recently I went  hiking and was pleasantly surprised at how well I did on a very hot day. It shows my regular work outs are helping me significantly.

But if I compare myself to most of my friends and colleagues, I have more health issues alone than they all do combined. But at least I don't look sick.

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