Monday, July 9, 2012

Pain levels

About ten years ago, I had a good day of skiing go bad. What I mean what started as an awesome day of skiing ended up with a toboggan ride down the mountain and knee surgery. Upon learning the news, my father said to me 'now you will have a knee that tells you the weather'. I don't really have a knee that tells me the weather or so I thought.

There was a new medical study (which we needed to keep researchers busy) which says there is some merit to this theory. I don't know about this one. My knee doesn't really tell me the weather and my back hurts regardless of the weather. Last week after overdoing it for two days in a row, my back hurt regularly and the weather around here was pretty good.  But maybe I overdid things. This week I will be more careful because I have to work. I was having fun last week. Damn.

Anyway about the pain levels, my new pain patches are pretty good but I can still get into a lot of pain. Yesterday I attempted to go to the gym. I had to skip some things I normally do because my hips hurt too much. That pesky bursitis. If one thing doesn't hurt, another thing is sure to.

What doesn't hurt requires support. I have a wrist splint for carpal tunnel/tennis elbow and a lymphedema sleeve. When my back doesn't hurt my hips and SI joints do. I have a I just hobble around from doctor appointment to doctor appointment.

But other than that I am a very healthy person.

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