Friday, November 30, 2012

Humor and cancer

Cancer must be treated with a sense of humor (and a large touch of sarcasm). There is simply no other way. And if you lose your sense of humor in life, no matter what your ailments, you are basically screwed. So keep laughing and carry on. In my continual search for humor in the dark cancer world, I am always looking for the funny stuff.

I know Lorri who lost a leg to cancer and does a stand up routine about the shark.... Because its funnier than cancer.

I know lots of women with breast cancer who have a group on Facebook called 'Humor is the best medicine' and are always looking for the bright side of things.

This morning a Google alert brought me a link to a Huffington Post Blog about a new cartoonist, Kate Matthews, who has just published "The Little Pink Book of (Mostly) Cancer Cartoons (In Color)!". So of course I had to do some research (even though its early in the day) and found some more info on her, including the fact that she is working on a second book.

Here are some of my first favorites. I am sure I will find more...

If you aren't laughing or at least smiling, you might need to think about therapy.

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