Sunday, June 29, 2014

Caroline's version of the future of breast cancer research

We hear lots of about different breast cancer research studies. We always hear lots about different breast cancer research studies. There seems to be a never ending barrage of breast cancer research. and the research always seems to end up with some combination of the ofllowing
  • More research will be needed
  • It will be years before we know the real results
  • It gets more and more personalized and focuses on smaller and smaller groups
  • It will always be waiting for more approvals from the FDA or other organizations
  • It will always get more and more expensive.
So my version of what we will hear about the future of breast cancer research:
  • Breast cancer research will start focusing on individuals or families.
  • The patients and their families will die off before the research is ever finished so it could cure them.
  • They won't be able to afford the medications anyway.
  • And the needed approvals will always be off in the distance.
This is my cynical side talking. You can also substitute any different ailment for breast cancer here. While there has been great progress, it always seems like we never quite get there. Or maybe I'm just waiting for a cure....

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