Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Why do I exercise?

Why do I exercise? I read this post on the Huffington Post about a woman with stage IV breast cancer who asked that very question. She isn't giving up on half marathons either. She says its endorphins that keep her moving.

I don't have stage IV cancer and some days just getting downstairs is difficult itself. I read somewhere else recently that only 20% of Americans get the recommended 2.5 hours of exercise each week. That's just pitiful. I am determined not to put myself  in that category.

I also exercise because it  helps me feel better. Really. I may hobble in to the gym but about an hour and 45 minutes later I may hobble out. But in between I get in 45 min - 1 hour of cardio and then another 35 minutes or so of weights followed by 15 minutes of stretching. The benefits to me are huge:
  • cardio keeps me moving which is good in more ways than you can image - your body moves so all your body systems do as well.
  • I have muscles (they may not be big but they are three) and can pump iron with the best of them with my 1 pound weights (yes they are girly and pink)
  • I am flexible, my balance/stability is pretty good, and my muscles are nice and stretchy.
  • I have less pain. My core muscles help me support my wimpy back.
  • It helps me destress. I come in to the gym stressed and leave relaxed. 
I never stopped exercising through cancer treatment. Back then I used to walk every day but I never stopped unless hospitalized. Eventually I found I needed more than a walk and joined a good gym. I go three times a week and try to walk with a friend another day.

But I'll keep going as much as I can.

A new picture of my garden - the azalea in full bloom.

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