Friday, December 25, 2015

Ailments on a holiday

Today is Christmas and for Christians around the world it is a special day. Other cultures have their own special days - which should be respected just as much as the special days for your beliefs. Holidays are not a day to argue about which belief is better. Its a chance to relax and enjoy ourselves with our families.

It is not a shopping day nor a work day (unless chosen by the employee). Unfortunately the one thing that does not ever get or take a holiday is an ailment, especially a chronic one.

I have just a few ailments and am also recovering from the flu. After a night of insomnia (when I tracked Santa for a bit of fun on as well as lasting flu symptoms, I am a bit tired and possibly cranky as well.

I wish ailments would take a holiday from time to time. Shouldn't we be able to feel decent for a little while from time to time? It would be nice.

If you know someone with ailments who is not able to get out and spend much time celebrating the holiday, please take a moment to give them a call and chat for a while, even suggest a quick visit. (But never unexpectedly show up!!!! Us ailment people have a tendency to hang out in our pjs for longer than most and take naps.) Our ailments are persistent and we can use the company. So in the holiday spirit, take a moment to visit with those who would appreciate it most.

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ATS, M.D. said...

You say Christmas is not a work day unless chosen by the employee. I beg to differ. I am a physician and have had to work my share of holidays including Christmas even though I did not choose this. Everyone goes in the rotation. When you have an emergency on a holiday and you show up in the ER I am the one reading your cat scan or ultrasound or whatever imaging study you need.
yes I chose to be a physician but I did not choose to work the holiday. Please keep that in mind when you see your physician. Most of them work holidays, weekends, nights etc.
By the way, I am also a breast cancer patient.

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