Sunday, December 27, 2015

My cynical side is showing again.

Was I supposed to climb a mountain or something for some ailment awareness? I didn't. But apparently a lot of people do that kind of thing. You can find countless story about another person who climbed a mountain, ran a marathon, bicycled some long distance or did something significant to raise awareness for an ailment.

How does climbing a mountain help with an ailment? What are you doing on a mountain top that could do anything to help someone with that ailment? Other than let the person with the ailment feel disappointed that they could never do that any more? Please explain.

I didn't do any of that. I would never do any of that. Physically I can't. And emotionally I do not think those efforts are much needed. Honestly we do not need any more awareness of breast cancer. Period. For my other ailments, maybe some awareness could help. But awareness doesn't do squat.

What does help is research and treatment.

If you want to help with an ailment on a big level, raise some money for research and treatment. If you want to make the news headlines for doing something, raise a lot of money, send out a press release and invite the local media.

Or if you don't want to make any headlines and can't afford to spend any money, spend some time with someone who could use help. Is it a ride to a doctor appointment? Picking up their groceries? Mowing their lawn or raking their leaves? Or if you can't do any of that, drop by and chat or call them on the phone.

Skip the awareness crap and efforts, figure out how to go direct to the person coping or to research and treatment. Awareness doesn't do crap.

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