Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hobbling Around

Yes, I do hobble around. Some days more than others. But yes I do hobble. Why do I hobble? Because of my bursitis in both hips, my arthritic feet, my bad knees, my bad back, and more. (Occasionally I have been known to 'hobble' if I was getting dirty looks because I use my handicapped placard.)

However, hobbling along I get to go lots of places, provided I can rest routinely and amply so as not to stress myself out. As I hobble I get to places like the grocery store, the gym, my knitting group, and, of course, doctor appointments (can't have enough of those).

I sometimes even meet friends for coffee or other stationary activities where I do not have to stand around. I plan to visit a museum with friends next month. What makes me happy is they have wheel chairs there and if I start to get tired, a friend can get me one to use while I am there.

But that is my life and I do not have time to stress about being in pain. Furthermore I don't want any pity. Pity causes stress because it makes me feel bad about myself and my state of health.

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terp said...

Ha! I had to laugh at you "hobbling" because someone was glaring at you for using a handicapped spot. I do the same thing, except I limp when I feel the hairy eyeball on me. If I have my cane, I lean on it harder. Maybe we need to learn to foam at the mouth on demand so we can give them a really good show.

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