Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Research for Cancer People

I would be happy to participate in research that might benefit other cancer people in the future. However, I am always told that I have too many other ailments and am not eligible. Insert 'Unhappy Face' here.

But I was overjoyed to find out that there will be a program on this Friday February 10 at 12 pm ET that will talk about how people with cancer can participate in research. Its a webex session meaning that you can participate remotely.

I learned about this program by being subscribed to Johns Hopkins Artemis (which provides the best information on new breast cancer research). If you have breast cancer and aren't subscribed, you should.

This is the blurb that is available when you register:

Ask the Experts: How to get Involved in Research As A Survivor:

The George Washington University (GW) Cancer Center invites you to join us for an upcoming Ask the Expert session titled How to Get Involved in Research as a Survivor . Survivors' cancer experiences give them unique expertise that is crucial to strengthening research and improving patient-centered care. Survivors can improve patient-centered research by sharing their insights in a number of capacities, for example by reviewing research proposals, advocating for research funding and participating on the research team. Yet, understanding the research process and learning how to get involved can be daunting. Join us for a lively discussion with an exciting panel of survivor/research contributors to hear about their experiences getting involved in research, and learn how you can too!

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn the valuable role patients and advocates can play in influencing research from the initial development of the research question to translation into clinical practice
  • Learn the importance of being an informed consumer of medical care and developing “critical health literacy”
  • Discuss steps that cancer survivors can follow to identify research advocacy opportunities
  • Describe the value of incorporating the patient voice into the research process
To find out more you can register here and participate remotely. Apparently it will also be recorded and available later. Go register, sign up for Artemis and learn how your disease could help others in the future.

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