Sunday, July 9, 2017

Its Not Just A Cold Anymore

I got a cold last Sunday. This is day 8. While I feel better mostly, I know better than to push myself. Hence I stayed home mostly for a week. I did not go to the gym. I did not contaminate my knitting group full of cancer people who would not welcome germs. I didn't take my 88 year old father to his doctor appointments. I skipped all July Fourth events. I didn't do much of anything beside catching up on my knitting and going on an emergency kleenex run when I ran out. (And getting stung by wasps when I inadvertently discovered the wasp nest six feet from our front door.)

I did all that on purpose. My goal is not to be sick for two weeks.

Last night we actually went out to dinner. It was nice. Then I went to bed at 9 pm (not that it was that early for me). But it was very nice to get out.

Tentative plans for today include going out to lunch with a friend. That's it. I am not going that far. I am not staying out for long.

Tomorrow I hope to go to the gym and meet a friend for coffee on the way home. I am feeling better and will slowly return to normal but will not push myself.

With a compromised immune system, I have to be very careful. (Think of when you were in chemo and told to be careful with exposure to germs.)

Unfortunately, I hope to look forward to another 30 years of this. But I'm still here.

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