Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Cancer Friends

For the past two days I have spent time with different cancer friends. I call them cancer friends because I met them all through cancer situations - one group from my old support group and two others I met at different cancer retreats.

What was the gist of all our conversations? Our health and our numbers of ailments. We all have ailments we are coping with. Some of us have new or potential ailments which bring us concern. Some of the ailments are side effects of our cancer treatments. We do not all have cancer concerns right now but that always lurk in the background. And we all know it will never go away.

We shared test results, doctor opinions, traded doctor referrals, and shared our concerns. We tell our medical concerns that we may not have yet shared elsewhere. Our ailments are not all cancer related  We got bolstered through our conversations. They were like mini support groups.

This is the benefit from cancer friends. Cancer is not something to do alone. You need cancer friends to get through it. Then they become life long friends.

I'm having lunch with another cancer friend next week to look forward to. More emotional support for both of us.

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