Thursday, November 9, 2017

Taking The Good With The Bad

Sometimes, or maybe most of the time, I never get good medical news. I swear, my doctors go off script all too often. So yesterday I got some good news and some bad news.

First the knee doctor said I can start driving. But I need to take it easy. I need to be able to slam on the brakes with my restructured knee. Apparently the surgery did some restructuring but I am not a doctor so I don't really understand it. (All I know is I have lots of knee exercises.) First before driving, I have to practice driving in a big parking lot (like when I first learned to drive) or in our quiet neighborhood to see how it feels. And start driving slowly, not just not getting speeding tickets, but take it easy and work up to driving long distances. My husband was with me so he heard it all and will keep me restricted (maybe I should have left him in the waiting room).

In addition, I don't have to wear the awful, uncomfortable brace any more. I have graduated to the little soft brace which has little metal hinges and gives support. But I still need to be careful with my knee. I can't stand on it for long periods of time. I can't bend it more than 90 degrees, except in PT.

I can't go back to the gym until mid to late December. I should continue PT for at least the end of the year. And I need to go back to the doctor in two months.

After getting all that wonderful news at the doctor's office, we headed down to the blood lab. When we checked in they told us there was a 40 minute wait. But by some miracle we only waited 20 minutes. Today I have a nasty bruise from where they took blood - that happens sometimes.

This morning I got my blood test results. I know I am going to get calls from two doctors because some of them are way different than before. This means medication changes and doctor appointments.... Oh, joy. (No, nothing major but its just concerning when they change too much.)

So it was a good and bad day. But we went to the grocery store so we now have food to eat. I'll just wait to hear from my doctors.

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