Monday, January 29, 2018

End Of Life Stuff

No I am not dying. But in the middle of the night I couldn't sleep and my mind wandered off to the best and funniest obituaries that you see shared around the internet. (I have no idea why my mind wandered that direction.) But I was snickering about some of the funniest ones I remember parts of.

But it made me think. I want to write my own obituary. And it will have to be a funny one. Because I want people to laugh about me or at me after I'm gone. And not mourn me sadly. But that should be in a couple of decades (I hope).

So here are some thoughts on what I will include:
  • She was so uncoordinated she could walk into a wall if she wasn't looking.
  • She spent many years abusing her body through ice skating, skiing, hiking, walking, and more to get her body into the sad shape it was later in her life.
  • Though she went through cancer twice, she made an effort to enjoy everything she did
  • Her overwhelming addiction to bacon was prevalent.... But she enjoyed cooking and would never follow a recipe.
  • A early in life bookworm she managed to kill many houseplants but did love gardening
  • She leaves behind her ever 'eye rolling' husband of X years, who put up with her cat fixation and tolerated her cooking.
I could go on with this list but it still needs finesse. I will keep working on it.

My grandmother, for the last 15-20 years of her life, had an 'In Case of Death' envelope. Whenever anything was remembered that would be useful after she was gone was scribbled on a piece of paper and filed in the same 9" x 12" envelope. After she died, we found many duplicates, some mysteries that may never be unraveled, and lots of last wishes. 

Maybe its my age, maybe its my 'oh so fun' medical history that prodded my mind in that direction, but I might need to get organized a bit more in this area.

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