Wednesday, January 3, 2018


I think today and tomorrow I will hibernate. Today is supposed to hit 28 degrees, the first time over 20 degrees in over a week so I might go out for a bit. Overdue library books might motivate me. The cats are going out for a bit. Tomorrow we are due to get a foot of snow. We will both be hibernating with the cats. Friday I will go to the gym and have a friend over for tea.

Hibernating is good and bad. The good thing is I don't go out and slip on the ice and snow and I won't get frostbite. On the down side, it does not help my stress levels. Hibernation can mean isolation. Today I am home alone. Tomorrow, I assume with the weather forecast, that my husband will be home as well. We will 'undecorate' the Christmas tree for fun.

Another portion of my self imposed isolation is lack of people to talk to. Yes I talk to my friends on the phone but most of them work. Thus I don't spend a lot of time on the phone during the day.

I do have a therapist to talk to but I actually haven't seen her in months - September to be precise. I had an October appointment but I couldn't drive so I cancelled it. Then I was put on the cancellation list and they would call me regularly to ask if I could come in for a cancellation that day. Unfortunately I still wasn't driving. Finally I got an appointment for December. Then I got a cold so I cancelled it. Now I have an appointment for the end of the month. Maybe I should call today and see if she has any cancellations...

Maybe I will find a new therapist closer to home. Who has more availability. And who clicks with me. I liked my old therapist but she retired. She 'got' me. She had had breast cancer and had psoriatic arthritis so she could understand where I am coming from. Also she was good at cutting through all the bullshit to help me figure things out.

I think I need a new one.

But first I need to get my day started. I have a list of things to do (if I can find the list). I need to learn to cope better so my hibernation doesn't overtake me.

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