Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Finally the damn bulbs are planted

It only took me a month??? Yesterday, the ground did defrost enough so they could be planted. I was getting concerned that it was too late. (So much for global warming when you will be able to plant bulbs in December.) I was very helpful. I placed all the bulbs where I wanted them to go on the ground. Walter then was highly skilled and dug all the holes, put in fertilizer, and covered them up. He has now had so much practice planting bulbs, I think I can get him to 'help' again every year. All the dead annuals are now gone as well. Basically, we are ready for winter except for needing to rake and mow again.

I have had an ongoing battle with the squirrels who come along and eat my bulbs - or just decapitate my tulips when blooming. Walter has been rather ambivalent about this problem until now. I did ask him if he changed his mind about them after digging all the holes. He said a BB gun with a night vision scope would solve the problem. (NOT HAPPENING!!!)

My strong gardening efforts combined with a support group trip and a walk made me very tired. I got in bed at 8 pm last night. As was subtly pointed out (by Walter again yesterday and several other people at different times), people under going chemo get tired and need to take care of themselves and going to bed early is important. My big dilemma is all the good TV shows are on after 9pm so I have to tape them and watch them the next day.

I would like to point out that I may get tired and need to take care of myself but I am still capable of doing things like making Thanksgiving pies, cooking, and working part time. I do think I get too tired to do things like fold laundry, wash dishes, clean the bathrooms, mop the kitchen floor, and empty the toxic waste dump (litter box). Chemo patients must preserve their resources and do the best they can. Yucky chores are left for those who are not under going chemo.

Today's big plans are to go to the gym (its too rainy for a walk outside), make baked ziti, work this afternoon, and go to my other support group. Not very exciting? Maybe I'll have to sneak in some Halloween candy for an extra energy boost...

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