Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nothing to write about

That's it. I have nothing to write about. Boring life.

Well maybe just a little. I made a cake yesterday for a friend's birthday and frosted it this morning. Tonight I am making home made soup for dinner. We trimmed the cat's claws (notice the operative use of the word we - he is most agreeable for his front claws but his back ones require an assistant to hold them still.) I also got a good night's sleep.

An update on my search for insulated curtains. I finally found curtain liners that are insulated that I can use to instead of the sheer curtains we have for the summer. Then I can keep up the regular curtains that I like and haven't been able to replace with insulated ones. They come from and are cheaper than buying or making new curtains.

See I do lead a boring life if I am keeping people up to date on the search for insulated curtains.

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