Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Today will be boring

I have no exciting plans for today. A little work, a trip to the gym, support group, a few errands. I did find today that I had to recreate an online order I placed on Friday. Funny, if you type in your credit card number wrong they decline it... Hmmm.... Maybe I should work on my typing skills.

I am all set for chemo tomorrow. I got a reminder phone call, I have a printed appointment confirmation, and I have my little list of questions to ask the nurse. I usually have a few questions to ask but unless I WRITE THEM DOWN AND BRING THE PIECE OF PAPER WITH ME, I forget. (Those capital letters were a stern little reminder to me to put the piece of paper in my purse today, while I am thinking about it, so I don't run around like a crazed person tomorrow morning looking for it and then trying to recreate the questions that I thought of earlier in the week.) However I do know I have one more question for the nurse that I forgot already and need to go write down on the same piece of paper as soon as I can remember it. See, the mind is the first thing to go.

Anyway, I think chemo is really getting old. Going back to my previous analogy, I think I am still stuck in Kansas but finally am getting near the state line.... I am sick of these side effects. I don't feel nauseous all the time, just some of the time. My hair is pretending it might start growing back soon but my eye brows are thinning. My fingernails and toe nails are breaking and looking weird. My feet are peeling on the bottom (icky!). I get some sporadic neuropathy. (How's that for a fancy word??? I am trying to be impressive. That's the nasty side effect of temporary or permanent numbness and tingling in your hands and feet.) Mine comes and goes. The nurses said not to worry unless I get pain with it as well. Otherwise, I just get tired.

Yesterday was pretty neat. We got to see the radiation equipment at Lahey. They have the older machine and the newer machine for radiation treatments. Both of them are still state of the art. What was neat was that when you are getting treatments, you lie on your back. So they decorated the ceiling. In the room with the older machine, there is a garden scene with a trellis and vines. It is pretty big too. With the newer machine there are several back light photographs of different nature scenes on the walls but there is a giant one (10' x 6') on the ceiling of a harbor full of OPBs (Other Peoples Boats - the really expensive kind) and mountains in the background. We all said it would be incentive to plan a nice vacation while getting treatments. Something to look forward to... (the vacation, not more trips to Lahey).

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